Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Looking for unearthed gems from the worlds of content marketing, online video creation and social media marketing? Then you, my friend, came to the right place!

1.) Happening Hangouts: Ever since we chatted with some folks over at Google+ last spring, we have been thrilled and excited about using Google Hangouts as an innovative and interactive content marketing tool. Hangouts — those personally curated and created live functions from your office or living room — are part live broadcast, part engaging online chat. So we love that CopyBlogger has come with 12 excellent (and easy) ways for marketing types to use this amazing tool.

2.) Grumpy Rules: Of all the celebrities, big-name product launches and social media marketing blitzes, only one brand emerged from SXSWi as the undisputed superstar. That brand, in case you haven’t heard, is Grumpy Cat. This ticked-off frowning feline rules the Internet with YouTube videos, memes and tweets. Now after an appearance at SXSWi, the cat with the sour puss is a genuine celebrity. Rock stars, actors, tech wizards alike all waited in line this week to get their photo taken with Grumpy Cat, who instantly went from online viral success to a brand all her own.

3.) Can You Do Better: Ever watched an ad and thought, “Jeez, even I could make a better commercial than that!” Now’s your chance to do just that! is asking fans to pick one of four endings to its new online commercial or they can upload their own “better” commercials for a chance at a $2,000 prize. The contest, for all of you wannabe mad men out there, ends on March 28th.

4.) About Face(book): Here’s a social media tidbit you might have missed… Facebook is changing up its design for the “About” page so users can expound on their likes and interests. Facebook hopes “About” becomes “a place for things you care about” — and, in effort to do so, the new pages have a more photoblog-type of layout with more images and interactive content. Anybody else smell Pinterest?

5.) Chanel in Bloom: We love seeing how luxury brands use unusual advertising methods and digital marketing to reach even the common folk who may or may not be able to afford their products. Chanel has done a bang-up job of this recently, and its new Mother’s Day campaign in the UK is no exception. The brand has adorable flower carts all around Great Britain that not only sell bottles of Chanel No. 5 but also bouquets of the flowers that inspire the fragrance.

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