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In this fast-moving world, it just isn’t possible to read all of the interesting online marketing and social media news stories. But each week, we round up a fivesome we like to call our “Five Things You Might Have Missed” list.

1.) From Facebook to Blog: We often preach the benefits of both social media and blog marketing in these pages. Yet rarely do we see brands pull off both seemingly without effort. So we thought the blogging and Facebook efforts of Power2Switch were worthy of making the top of our list this week. The electricity company landed a coveted spot on Huffington Post, discussing its own Facebook marketing lessons. This stroke of genius in content marketing not only outlines Power2Switch’s Facebook marketing efforts, it also puts the brand in front of a huge readership.

2.) Nazi TV: Hitler and the Nazi regime aren’t exactly hilarious subjects for ads, but this spot for the National Geographic Channel is downright hilarious. The ad, which touts that the channel is now available in several dialects, features Nazis talking like teenage girls. It’s a funny and surprising spot from a brand with a fairly stuffy image.

3.) Ink You Can Drink: We like to applaud brands who think out side of the box — or, in the case of winery Casa Mariol, outside of the bottle. In order to prove that wine and business deals do indeed mix, Casa Mariol created pens with special wine-based ink. It’s a kooky idea, but just the kind of thing marketing blogs love to chat about… and low and behold, these wine pens were everywhere this week. Mission accomplished, Casa Mariol, and cheers!

4.) Two-wheel Tweeting: Keeping your eyes on the road during South by Southwest just got even tougher. Digital agency Razorfish is populating the festival with 20 bikes fully loaded with remote tweeting capabilities. The bikes tweet their location, chat about festival events and give updates on local weather, among other things. The free bikes and their whereabouts can be tracked at during the festival.

5.) Nontroversy: Sometimes an uproar over digital advertising is so silly that it fails to be a controversy at all. Closing out our list is the hilarious hubbub over Geico’s new ad featuring its pig, Maxwell, on a date with a human woman. The conservative watchdog group One Million Moms says the spot promotes bestiality and is “repulsive and unnecessary.” Uh, okay. The ad didn’t get pulled… but thanks to the silly headlines, it’s racked up thousands of views.

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