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Drained for online marketing ideas? Totally tapped out when it comes to new blog creation strategies? And just downright pooped trying to tweet? Well, buck up, little camper. Our weekly list of Five Things You Might Have Missed has a quintet of stories sure to inspire, entertain and delight!

1.) Tumblr To Go: Hesitating using Tumblr as your blog marketing platform because it seems so locked to the desktop and not smartphone-friendly? Think again, says Tumblr’s own CEO David Karp in an interview with Mashable last week. Karp claims that Tumblr’s total mobile domination is “going to be either later this year or early next year ’cause it’s accelerating. We’re seeing 3 times the growth on mobile vs. desktop.”

2.) Waiting Room Wonders: Here’s a neat-o idea that uses tech to transform the somewhat tedious and tiresome hospital waiting room into a fun and distracting experience for kids who would certainly want to be elsewhere. Artist Chris O’Shea turned Royal London Hospital into an interactive real-life children’s book and made us believers in rebranding something most folks think of as boring.

3.) Twitter Ads Simplified: Good news for Twitter marketers looking to branch out into Twitter-based advertising. On its official blog, the company announced, “We’ve been testing the Twitter Ads API since January with our partners, and today we’re officially launching it. Marketers now have more tools in their arsenal to help them deliver the right message, to the right audience, on the desktop and on mobile devices — all at scale.”#TwitterMarketingForAll

4.) Stressed to the Max: Nivea pulled a fast one on some very stressed out German airport visitors in this hilarious and kinda cruel commercial. Striking viral video gold, the spot tricks travelers into thinking they are wanted by authorities by using newspapers with their pictures on them, news footage and airport announcements. It’s funny, primarily because it isn’t happening to you.

5.) Touch My Chromebook: We round out today’s list with the latest product announcement from Google that proves the company is serious about taking the wind out of Microsoft’s sales. The Chromebook Pixel is a touch-based laptop which could elevate Google to the big leagues. Stay tuned to see how this branding battle turns out.

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