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Blog marketing basics, divine live-tweeting and some heartfelt online video creation are just of a taste of what you’ll find in this week’s Five Thing You Might Have Missed. But don’t take our word for it. Dig in and find out for yourself!

1.) Popularity Mechanics: Why don’t people read your blog? What should you be blogging about? Where do you begin with blog marketing? And how do you get more folks to like what you blog about? The secrets to a popular blog are spilled in this must-read post from Inc. Aaron Arders demystifies blogging for business and does so with humor and insight.

2.) Pawnee Pinterest: The marketing folks over at the sitcom Parks and Recreation deserve a round of applause for taking a subplot involving fictional clothing store Rent-a-Swag and turning into a Pinterest phenomenon. The show has been rocking comedic Pinterest boards for a little over a year, and this latest triumph proves that pinning can be effective and hilarious.

3.) Facebook Calling: Finally: a Facebook petition we can get behind! A plaza in the Spanish city of Granada will be renamed after legendary Clash frontman Joe Strummer after 2,000 signatures collected on Facebook swayed city officials. Strummer had a long history with Granada and he even mentioned it in the iconic song “Spanish Bombs.” Spain — and even Facebook — just got a little bit cooler.

4.) Heart to Heart: Whether you love or hate that smart-talking heart-shaped puppet on the Zoosk commercial, there’s no denying that the little guy, along with his friend Liz, are a viral sensation. With over 14 million views on YouTube and slew of parodies, this is one puppet that, in one commercial, put a dating website nobody ever heard of on the branding map.

5.) Live Tweeting, Diva Style: And lastly, we’ve been snickering at the no-holds-barred tweets from icon Bette Midler for months, but the star really showed her Twitter gravitas on Monday when she live-tweeted the inauguration. Midler tweeted about being hungover, the tackiness of gum chewing and even zinged Paul Ryan. For a star like Midler, who is returning to films and Broadway, Twitter is a good way to re-introduce themselves to audiences. Yet Midler’s blunt and hilarious tweets make Twitter marketing simply divine.

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