Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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It was a big news week, so perhaps some entertaining, inspiring and informative tidbits from the world of digital marketing and branding passed you by. Never fear! We’ve collected five things you might have missed and put them in this handy-dandy list. Enjoy!

1.) What to do in Case of Zombie Attack: The CDC just got a little cooler last week when it released Social Media: Preparedness 101 — Zombie Apocalypse. The clever campaign rides the zombie popularity wave while promoting emergency situation preparedness. The CDC breaks down exactly what the agency would do if zombies did actually attack. We’re just happy that at least someone has a plan.

2.) Overville: Last week Lady Gaga released GagaVille, a Zynga-created Farmville knock-off filled with Gaga-type imagery. This week, perennial favorite of drunk white dudes in Hawaiian shirts Jimmy Buffett released his own game, Margaritaville. Ugh. We get that social gaming is a hotbed for integrated branding and advertising… but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame but we all know its Facebook’s fault.

3.) Proof That You Are Amazing: The Caseomatic is what we’ve been itching for — it’s instant, hard-boiled evidence that your business is totally awesome. While a Caseomatic video study isn’t guaranteed to get you a job, it will certainly provide a few laughs.

4.) Return of the Twitter Curse: As American Idol wrapped up its season and a new winner was crowned (Scotty Whatshisname), an old nemesis returned. The Twitter curse is a bizarre, much-talked-about phenom wherein the number of tweets about a contestant predicts the eliminated contestant. As Mashable points out, the booted off Lauren Alaina received more tweets than Scotty. This seemingly silly curse actually says a lot about how Twitter can track brand loyalty and popularity.

5.) Score One for AT&T: We, like most people, love to give AT&T a hard time, since it seems like it’s in the business of making lives more complicated. Yet we have to give the company props for this funny spot. In it, a lone dancing guy realizes his scheduled flashmob has been moved to 12:30 pm. It’s timely and funny — and unexpected, as it’s from a brand that is usually neither.

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