Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Five_things_you_might_have_missed! 2

What are our favorite stories from the worlds of online marketing, social media management and digital engagement? Why, we’re so happy you asked! Here now are five recent campaigns and curiosities we think are worth another look.

1.) Q&A, Twitter style: Last week the #PowerfulAnswers hashtag from Verizon caught our eye for being a smart Twitter-based campaign that answers provocative technical and societal questions while encouraging discussion from followers. It’s Twitter marketing with heart and smarts.

2.) Market Like the Movies: How has Hollywood managed to have its biggest year ever despite declining ticket sales? A new infographic from Bit Rebels breaks down how online marketing techniques like  have truly saved the movies (and might even give your own business a few ideas).

3.) Nerd Worlds Collide: Fans of both Star Trek and the Big Bang Theory, you better sit down. Online travel czar Priceline has melted both geek cultures in one smash hit bit of online video creation. A new spot unveils Captain Kirk’s — uh, we mean The Negotiator’s — daughter, who is played by none other than Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory. The result is a funny and clever viral hit with appeal that spans generations.

4.) Surgery Goes to the Dogs: “Is your dog a total dog?” asks a Sunset Boulevard billboard promoting canine plastic surgery. Gotta love Los Angeles. Thankfully, the clever campaign is actually a spoof and an ad for Comedy Central’s new sketch comedy show The Kroll Show starring comedian Steven Kroll. For added authenticity, the marketers have even set up a phony website,

5.) Mean Tweets: And finally, we round out this week’s list with the 3rd installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.” Not only does this video make for a hilarious time killer, it also says a lot about the trash we talk on Twitter.

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