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And we’re baaaack! Welcome to another edition of 5 Things You Might Have Missed, our weekly round-up of the latest and greatest in online marketing news. From some truly shocking Twitter marketing to a hobbit-filled nugget of online video creation, we’ve got 5 tidbits sure to make you a hit at happy hour.

1.) War for Sale: We have now officially seen everything promoted on Twitter. Using the hashtag #PillarofDefense, Israel announced its military campaign against the Hamas on Twitter early last week. By Wednesday, the country was even live-tweeting from the war. While Twitter has been used ringside in political uprisings for years, this is the first time we can recall a government using the platform to promote a war. This is social media marketing at its most extreme and is certainly something folks will be talking about for quite some time.

2.) Writer Weapons: Whether you’re revamping your blog content strategy, committing to an old memoir project or tackling National Novel Writing Month, writing is all the rage these days. And there is no shortage of cool apps and gadgets to help you write even better. Luckily, Mashable collected some of the best writer-friendly apps last week and stuck them in an easy to use slide-show.

3.) Hell Hath No Fieri: Every once in a while, somebody writes something and then the Internet explodes. Pete Wells’ scathing review of Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in Times Square is one of those things. This New York Times review, which roasts Food Network Star Guy Fieri and his restaurant, went totally viral this week. Causing a sensation on Twitter and Facebook, the lambasting was equally loved and loathed and discussed at length. Regardless of how you feel about the witty, verbal butt-kicking, it can’t be argued that nothing is better at getting a lively conversation started than social media.

4.) Window Shopping Wow: Adidas Interactive has outdone itself with new display windows that are truly revolutionary. These beyond high-tech displays allow customers to flip through racks, move the models around, and even buy items with their smartphones.

5.) Hobbit Airways: Finally, we wrap up this week’s list with another smash hit from Air New Zealand. From the company that brought you the amazing disco Richard Simmons video, comes a safety video featuring hobbits and all your favorite friends from the shire, including director Peter Jackson. Crazy viral with nearly 9 million views on YouTube, the spot comes at a perfect time just as the Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, gets ready to stroll into theaters.

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