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Welcome to the Five Things You Might Have Missed, your one-stop resource for the new and noteworthy stories from the world of online marketing. Giveaways gone wrong, content marketing explained and oh-so-much more await you, so let’s get cracking!

1.) Buzzkill: Kicking off our list this week is a story that many of us can relate to. Sure, most of us haven’t tried to give away vibrators on the street only to be met with disdain. But we’ve all had marketing ideas that didn’t pan out exactly like we wanted. Trojan went back to the drawing board last week after the mayor of Boston said “hell to the no” to Trojan’s vibrator giveaways in his fair city’s plazas. Although free speech prohibits shutting down Trojan’s buzzworthy blitz, Mayor Tom Menino has played the family friendly card and is currently persuading Trojan to go elsewhere.

2.) Uprising, Tweeted: In a country known for oppression, a powerful yet underground revolution is happening — on Twitter. If you missed this story about how Twitter is being used in Saudi Arabia, it’s worth a look for both marketers and newshounds alike. We’re constantly amazed how Twitter is changing the way we communicate, and this little revolution illustrates that beautifully.

3.) Bounce that Bad Blogger: So you’ve paid someone to handle your blog and it just ain’t working out. Follow the lead of and fire them! The deal-centric site announced last week that it would no longer be using the blogging services of reality star Kate Gosselin. After 11 months, CouponCabin reportedly wasn’t happy with the diva’s blogging style. We say “nicely done,” CouponCabin! Life is too short for bad blogging that doesn’t work with your brand. (P.S. We just so happen to know some folks who can blog circles around Gosselin.)

4.) Is Anybody Home?: Does your company’s Facebook Like page feel like a ghost town? A recent study says that you’re not alone. According to Napkin Labs, a puny 6 percent of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook page. The study shows that engagement on Facebook is more challenging than ever, but who doesn’t love a good challenge?! Brands are forced to be more creative when engaging on Facebook, and that’s always a good thing.

5.) Contented Content: Wrapping up our list this week is an infographic that really gets to the meat of content marketing. How do we judge the success of content marketing? How can we tell if it’s working? And should we even bother? These questions and more are thoughtfully answered by BitRebels and Pardot in Content Marketing Metrics — a must read. And for more on content marketing, be sure to read our four-part series entitled “Crash Course in Content Marketing” coming to these pages in two weeks!

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