Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Depending on who you ask, it’s the end of the world as we know it. So just in time for the rapture, we’ve compiled a list of five things you might have missed!

1.) Your iPad Has Bunny Ears: Playboy might just be a sly old dog after all. The men’s magazine introduced iPlayboy for iPad this week which looks like an app and feels like an app but is really an optimized website. Hefner and Co. got creative to sneak around Apple’s stringent no nudity policy and by proxy ended putting a floundering brand back on the map.

2.) Colon No: This ewww-inspiring post via AdWeek makes the list for its sheer “oh no they didn’t” factor. Touted as the “safer, more effective way to fight constipation or lazy bowel” this commercial isn’t as funny as the SNL skit Colon Blow but funny because it’s hard to believe it exists.

3.) Yes You Cannes: It’s nice to see some positive creative efforts coming out of the world’s most superficial film festival. The Cannes Lions “YouTube Good Work” challenge put innovators and film makers to task to come up with inventive ways to get audiences inspired to keep music in schools. The results are as clever as they are inspiring.

4.) Good News for Tweeps: A new study infographic thingamabob came out this week that claims students who use Twitter get better grades! A compelling case is made for Twitter and how it helps with classroom engagement. Is it valid? Who knows… but we love any study that helps fuel our Twitter addiction.

5.) Some Silver Linings: With all this doom and gloom, Inc.’s list of Ten Inspiring Small Business Success Stories is truly worth a read, bookmark and forward. From a pair of moms hell-bent on getting America to eat healthier to the owner of a kids-only barber shop, the list has entrepreneur idols perfect for our challenging times.

And, here’s a special bonus 6th thing….. check out our guest post on today’s DailyBlogTips.

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