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All this blabbering about the debates and election made you miss the hottest, wackiest and most inventive news stories from the world of online marketing? Fear not, friends! We’ve prepared a binder-free, five course feast we call the Five Things You Might Have Missed. Dig in!

1.) Tasty Tumblr: Here’s a genius custom content and video innovation from Electrolux to get followers cooking (called, natch, Now You’re Cooking). The brand set up a Tumblr filled with gorgeous and easy-to-follow cooking videos. The “cook along” mode allows users to cook with the blog in real time while the regular setting lets you watch it like a normal cooking video. Delicious!

2.) iPad Action: This iPad magazine challenge transcends mobile marketing by becoming a call to action. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, iPad magazine readers are trying to win an amazing prize — but in order to do so, they have to complete a challenge. This interactive contest teaches women how to self-check themselves for breast cancer. As readers complete challenges, they’re also becoming informed on how to perform self-examinations and boost early detection — and all from a cool iPad-based game.

3.) Big in Sweden: Move over, ABBA and IKEA! Sweden’s next big sensation is Will Ferrell for Old Milwaukee. Wait… What? You might have missed these clever little bids for viral marketing gold this week and that’s too bad. Hilarious, random and just delightfully dumb enough, these videos prove that silly is still sensational in any language.

4.) Tweet Reads: Twitter announced the first ever Twitter Fiction Festival! Not excited, huh? Well, you should be. This a nifty marketing move from a platform that is trying to move away from being a cold social media empire to one that encourages creativity! Twitter calls it a “virtual storytelling celebration” which will last five days and will feature “creative experiments in storytelling from around the globe.” We call it awesome!

5.) Do it Like the Big Boys: Our blog series Blog Like The Big Brands runs every Monday. If you’ve missed it, get caught up here and learn how the branding superpowers use blogging and blog marketing to make their online presence even more powerful!

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