Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Some truly miraculous blog writing and energy-efficient Twitter marketing are a couple of the delights we have for you on this week’s list of Five Things You Might Have Missed. So let’s not waste any more time and get right to it!

1.) Hashtags with Power: Skillful and engaging Twitter management is hard to find, so when a brand like General Electric nails it, it’s definitely list-worthy. GE wisely uses conversational hashtags like #TeamHealthy to get people talking. The genius in GE’s hashtaggery lies in the ability to keep the topic broad enough that anybody can participate. GE takes it a step further by responding to tweets and engaging followers to talk to one another.

2.) Does Jared Know About This?: If you missed the anime-style porn on Subway’s Facebook page, you’re not alone. Apparently, so did whoever runs the restaurant’s social media marketing. More than a few followers of the sandwich giant were ticked off this week when images of pornographic anime appeared when users clicked the “Posts by Others” option on its page. Subway says it’s Facebook’s fault for not having stronger filters; Facebook says it’s Subway’s fault for not monitoring its brand’s presence online. We say, don’t worry about it, Subway. I mean, who actually clicks on “Posts by Others” anyway?

3.) Auto Anatomy: Volvo’s X-ray app for iPad got plenty of blog coverage this week so there’s really no need for us to talk about it too… except it’s so darn cool! If you missed it, the app gives a futuristic X-Ray look inside of a Volvo. While not a true X-Ray, the tech is clever enough to get folks talking about the brand and that’s exactly what great apps should do.

4.) Travel Blog Travels Time: Here’s a story that proves that you just never know how your blog will change the lives of others. Travel blog See Columbia helped reader Nicole Kisala reunite with her family after 36 years! By posting Nicole’s story along with photos, the blog was able to reach her family… something private detectives couldn’t accomplish. See Colombia also used Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. The campaign was a success and after four months Nicole’s family was reunited. Hooray for blogging!

5.) Flip n’ Sniff: Lastly, we close out this week’s list with a flipbook that really stinks. No really, it smells like old onions, and that’s exactly what Listerine wanted. This flipbook gives the illusion of a beautiful woman talking and the added odor makes it seem like she has really bad breath. In the back of the book is a coupon for Listerine. Since we’re cheering for things, hooray for good breath! And for engaging ways to hand out product coupons.

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