Five Things You Might Have Missed

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It’s been a wild week full of wacky and unpredictable technical ups and downs, strange social media happenings and catchy viral hits. So we’ve hunted around the web and placed these colored eggs in a fancy basket we like to call the Five Things You Might Have Missed. 1.) Nyan, Nyan, Nyan: What the *blank* does a flying pop tart cat who sings a ridiculous song while shooting rainbows out of his backside have to do with marketing, you might ask? Plenty. This so-annoying-it’s-hilarious video has gathered over 1.5 million YouTube hits and has launched a successful t-shirt line, several parodies and there’s even talk of a video game. Inane and silly? You betcha! But it’s also viral and literal gold. 2.) Amazon Cloud Causes Thunderstorm: Thursday, April 21st might be forever remembered as the day Amazon’s cloud burst. A failure in the company’s web services single-handedly rendered Redditt, Foursquare, GroupMe and HootSuite useless. Yet to be resolved as of this posting, the glitch caused a tizzy for social media marketers and reminded us it’s always smart to have a good dashboard backup plan. 3.) Digital Dieting: We’ll blog more about this next week, but digital dieting makes our list during the “I gave it up for Lent” time of year. Purging the channels we spend time on with little return is a thought-provoking challenge perfectly fit for spring renewal. 4.) The Stars on Facebook: This hilarious Altoids music video, unlike the aforementioned mind numbing cat, is a smartly written parody of Facebook and the people we love to pretend we like on the site. Look for this one to go viral and to spawn spin-offs. 5.) Amtrak Online Gets Derailed: Mark another one for Mercury being in retrograde. The travel by train giant experienced a hiccup this week when its online ticketing system took a nose dive. This technical snafu makes the list because of how Amtrak responded. Tech savvy Amtrak employees used social media to alert travelers and field questions. Nicely played, Amtrak. All aboard!

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