Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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If you think the Google Fiber project is a breakfast cereal and you don’t know how to make white trash beer cans into works of art, you need us. Our Five Things You Might Have Missed has the hottest news in online video creation, digital engagement and branding news to ensure you’ll always know what your cool coworkers are talking about.

1.) Searching for Cable: Google already controls the way you find things on the Internet. Now the company wants to control how you get onto the Internet. This week, Google announced as part of its Kansas City-based Google Fiber project that it would launch its very own super-fast Internet service — which includes becoming a cable TV provider. The $500 million dollar project is a big game changer for Google and for cable and Internet providers. It’s big branding news for sure… but what makes it list worthy is the twist: Google Cable and Internet will only be available in communities that come together and rally enough interest to have it brought to their town. Nicely played, Google.

2.) Talked-about Trailers: Sensing that we were already over the drama and sheer crappiness surrounding most summer films, Hollywood has moved forward in pushing big-budget fall films with spectacular trailers on the verge of going viral. This week alone saw the release of online videos for two highly-anticipated films. Trippy sci-fi fest Cloud Atlas got an online documentary video which sent film buffs into a frenzy while The Life of Pi had fans of the book tweeting like crazy. Movie trailers are now able to reach more viewers and generate more discussion thanks to online videos and social media, and these two clips prove we’re still crazy about the movies.

3.) Blue Ribbon Winners: is the latest social and digital campaign from Pabst Blue Ribbon. The beloved beer of hipsters and hillbillies alike has brewed up an art contest in search of America’s next great beer can artists. Ironic, cool and inventive, is digital engagement at its most creative.

4.) See Things Differently: We were inspired by this clever visual campaign by Owl Optics Glasses which turned urban windows into chic eye-wear with the help of a big fake nose. This ambient, outdoor advertising not only got noticed by passersby but also translated into increased web traffic. According to I Believe in Advertising, the brand’s website, Facebook and Twitter traffic increased by more than 420 percent.

5.) Game Time: Rounding out our fivesome is the “Could You Be a Medalist?” game from The Guardian. Think old school arcade action in a branded Olympics-themed advergame. It’s our favorite at-work timekiller of the summer.

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