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So you’ve had that kind of week, huh? You know, the one where seemingly everything, including the latest social media marketing and digital branding news, has just slipped by you? Don’t worry about it! Our Five Things You Might Have Missed List will get you all caught up.

1.) Chicken Run: Certainly the social media branding story of the week — perhaps even the summer — was the hubbub over Chick-fil-A. You couldn’t tweet or log onto Facebook without reading the controversial comments from the fast food company’s COO Dan Cathy. Cathy said he and his organization were “guilty as charged” when it came to being “anti-gay.” So everybody online was buzzing about Chick-fil-A and a social media boycott was in full swing. How Chick-fil-A plays its next PR moves as this story developes will certainly be something to watch.

2.) Hold the Lettuce: Another viral story from the world of fast food came from Burger King this week. When pictures of employees sticking their feet in a tub of Burger King lettuce popped up online, BK rightfully flipped out. Posted on free-for-all site, the photo’s tag led the company to find the violators in a northeast Ohio franchise of the chain and they were fired immediately. Handled quickly and using all the proper channels, Burger King put out a fire that could easily have gotten out of control.

3.) Something Stuck in Your Teeth: This print campaign for Colgate, courtesy of Y&R Brazil, shows Photoshop disasters trumped by the power of good-looking people with stuff stuck in their teeth. Nevermind a missing ear or six fingers! That guy didn’t floss! It’s clever and memorable stuff — and heavily blogged about too.

4.) She’s the Mayer: Everybody, it seems, from TV’s talking heads and branded blogs to tech writers and politicians, had something to say about pregnant newly-anointed CEO of Yahoo! Marissa Mayer. Jaws dropped when she announced she would be working through her pregnancy and they continued to drop when rumors of a $500 million salary circulated. Whatever happens with the former Google employee, one thing is for sure: Mayer was a blogger’s dream come true this week, and for that we salute you.

5.) Mariachi Moments: And, finally, what better way to shake the blues away than a little Latin music? Doritos UK continues its viral video awesomeness with more mariachi covers of unlikely songs performed for some o.g. British gringos. This recently-released video for “Love Machine” should cure whatever ails you.

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