Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Public speaking disasters blogged about around the globe? Yup. A chic branded how-to video? You get all of this plus more from the world of online marketing in a list we call “Five Things You Might Have Missed.”

1.) The crowd booed, the press blogged: Still unconvinced of the instant reach of blogging and social media? Perhaps Mitt Romney’s über controversial speech to the NAACP on Wednesday will convince you. In case you didn’t hear, Romney made global blog headlines when he referenced “Obamacare” to an audience of primarily African-Americans and was met with a chorus of boos. The booing became the headline everyone tweeted but the gutsy speech itself became the stuff of campaign trail legend thanks to the fervor created by blogs and social media.

2.) Cheesy artwork: Macaroni art gets mindful in the new Kraft Macaroni & Cheese campaign, “Dinner, Not Art.” The fun initiative looks to inspire kids to make those corny craft projects out of pasta — but digitally, which helps cut down on the wasting of real food. With Kraft’s app, macaroni art can now be created on your desktop or iPad and then submitted to Kraft’s Facebook gallery of macaroni masterpieces. The best part? Kraft will donate 10 noodles to Feeding America (up to 110 million noodles) for every digital noodle used.

3.) Who’s pinning you?: Want to know which pinners you should be following? Curious to see who’s pinning pictures of your brand on Pinterest? The Lexity Pinterest Report can tell you all of that and more. This new app is list-worthy for helping brands of any size decode Pinterest marketing and just one of many we expect developers to come out with.

4.) Twitter taxis: Here’s a cool Twitter campaign for the Nissan Leaf out of the UK. Nissan set up a fleet of electric cars in East London to prove how much cheaper gas-fee cars are. Wannabe passengers were required to tweet their destination, followed by the hashtag #6XCHEAPER. Nissan answered the individual tweets with the cost their trip in both gas and electric before sending drivers to pickup the customers in specially-branded cabs. Eco-friendly, social media smart and just clever, this is Twitter marketing at its most inventive.

5.) A better way to pack: We love when brands use video campaigns to teach consumers something useful, so we had to cheer for Louis Vuitton’s Art of Packing video. The world’s most exclusive luggage maker turns out to be a pretty smart video content maker, too, with this short that teaches travelers how to pack smarter.

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