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From a Facebook campaign that really cleans up to a satirical look at ghostwriting, this week’s edition of Five Things You Might Have Missed is destined to be your favorite so far! And if not, there’s always next week.

1.) Logging Out, Sweeping Up: “Leave no Facebook space unbranded” seems to be the motto we marketers live by. But we have to give Swiffer a round of applause for cleverly advertising its broom-mop thing in an unlikely place: the logout page. This week, P&G, the company that owns the Swiffer dynasty, placed a video on Facebook’s logout page. The cheery and cute video already has likes, so it seems that logout page marketing is just another clever Facebook avenue to sell our wares on.

2.) You’ll Love it Long Time: For those of you missing the subtle rap stylings of 2 Live Crew (and who doesn’t, really?), the kind people of the Netherlands have cooked up a candy bar commercial just for you. A singing rabbit-blob type of creature pops out of a backpack and busts into a chorus of “Me So Corny.” It’s as stupid and genius as it sounds.

3.) Hey Ladies: Ladies Learning Code or LLC is a smash hit not-for-profit group that seeks to empower women to learn code and other intimidating tech skills with courses in Toronto. The group has earned global recognition and this week is expanding the brand with HackerU, a for-profit, for-everyone version. Heather Payne, the lady behind Ladies and HackerU, makes our list for being a brand maker and entrepreneur to watch. Also LLC has a great corporate blog just ripe for inspiration.

4.) Mickey Dumps Junk Food: The biggest branding news of the week might have come from Disney, which announced it would no longer air ads for junk food during children’s programming on any of its networks. Furthermore, Disney characters will not be used to sell sugary cereals or fattening snacks. The bold move, which was backed by Michelle Obama, has not been without controversy. As part of the initiative, Mickey Check puts the famous mouse on things like apple slices and carrot sticks. Leave it to Disney to try and slap a logo on health food.

5.) Ghostwriting Goop: Actress and smug know-it-all chef Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t had the best spring. In March, a New York Times article claimed someone else created and wrote the recipes in her cookbook. And this week, the actress probably wishes she had a Twitter ghostwriter after she tweeted the “N-word.” Let’s use la Paltrow as a cautionary tale of how not to use social media or ghostwriters and enjoy this hilarious spoof instead.

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