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Wanna know how Twitter is helping some nuns or where to play the biggest game of pinball in the world? Then read on, dear friends, because this edition of our Five Things You Might Have Missed list has juicy online marketing and social media news for everybody!

1.) Rollerskating — Better than Crack: Hey, if you found a better local commercial for a roller rink that’s about to go viral, then by all means, post the darn thing! If not, please enjoy the so-hilariously-bad-it’s-brilliant ad for Roller Kingdom in Reno, Nevada.

2.) Help a Sister Out: Nuns on Twitter? Sure! Reverend James Martin is hoping his hashtag #WhatSistersMeantoMe will help raise awareness for work of modern nuns around the world. The Vatican, which has gone Twitter-crazy in the last six months, has embraced the campaign, and now Twitter is filled with nun tales, proving every cause can benefit from a good Twitter campaign.

3.) Le Pinball Wizard: Ford Paris had a little fun with those tres serious French drivers with a one-of-a-kind digital installation which turned parking on a busy Parisian street into a game of pinball. As the drivers banged back and forth between two cars, pinball game noises sounded from a display above. It’s outdoor advertising turned into a game, and all we can say is, “J’adore!”

4.) Gadget-free Getaway: Last week we yammered about turning off our tech and this week we find several articles about how the travel industry is marketing gadget-free vacations. Coincidence? Nah. Gadget-free is the latest trend in getting consumers to spend time (and money) on things like travel where they can interact with one another. Like in person. Call it “anti-tech chic.” We think it’s here to stay.

5.) And Speaking of Phones: Rounding out the quintet this week is a new mobile marketing campaign from Greenpeace. Greenpeace Mode puts your phone to work for good when it’s on silent. The ingenious setting sends out messages about Greenpeace’s latest efforts and causes while you’re busy at work and school. Talk about gadget-free work!

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