Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Friday is here, which means it is time for another high-flying, stair-climbing, sugar-coated edition of Five Things You Might Have Missed!

1.) Cold Beer Here: The Twitter Beer guy from Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners baseball, tops our list for sheer DIY digital marketing genius. @MSbeervendor is saving himself trips up and down the treacherous steps and saving beer drinkers time by having customers tweet their location. It’s Twitter marketing at its finest and good old-fashioned ingenuity.

2.) Flipping for Klip: Watching the video mapping videos by Klip Collective is a mind-blowing experience that almost makes you forget you’re watching advertising. As the creators of video mapping, Klip is turning any flat surface into a video canvas. Cool to look at for sure — and even cooler to imagine the possibilities for the future of outdoor and ambient advertising.

3.) A Bird’s Eye View: The Raptor Resource Project hatched a creative way to get people personally involved with its mission to save falcons, eagles, hawks and owls. With BirdCams, viewers get an intimate look at the daily lives of birds of prey. Last week, a real life nature soap opera unfolded as thousands tuned in to see a Decorah eagle care for its newborn chicks while waiting for the third egg to hatch.

4.) Candy Gone Crazy: The world of sweet treats has been delivering big time viral video weirdness lately. From Skittle’s frisky kitty to Sarah Silverman making out with a unicorn for Juicy Fruit, candy makers have also become hit video makers. Our latest favorite is Dragee, the Zen-filled glutton for punishment for Mentos.

5.) Thrown for a Loop: Drivers in Bogata, Columbia, saw their childhood come to life when a giant replica of Hot Wheel’s signature loop was put up on a freeway. Hot Wheels has been all about cool outdoor ads lately and this one is no exception.

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