Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Another week has come to a close, which means another firestorm of social media marketing, digital branding and viral content headlines have probably passed you by. But before you get all Mister Pouty Pants on us, read our Five Things You Might Have Missed List and instantly feel better!

1.) Facebook Flavor: Lots of restaurants are using Facebook to show off menu items by enlisting the help of followers, and Subway’s Flavorizer is a fun one you might have missed. With 9 million-plus likes, Subway has called on its massive fan following to show off the ways they accessorize Subway breakfast sandwiches. The Flavorizer has a gallery of custom-made sandwiches with specialized ingredients, user-created menu names and photos of the Facebook fan who came up with the culinary creation. Yummy and innovative.

2.) Relationships? There’s an App for That: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, TheIceBreaker is a social media app for those couples who can’t stop texting or talking to each other. This “appdorable” tool works like a private Facebook wall with prompts and questions for couples to answer and comment on. While cute and buzzworthy, TheIceBreaker is also the first in many popular relationship- and friendship-based apps that are on the verge of becoming the next hottest trend in the genre.

3.) OMG D&G: The Italian-based fashion retailer Dolce & Gabbana faced a Facebook firing squad when news of discrimination came from the brand’s store in Hong Kong. Apparently security guards were instructed to forbid Hong Kongers from taking pictures while inside the store, but mainland Chinese tourists were give the okay to snap away. While this mainly sounds like the old turf war between Hong Kong and China, D&G didn’t make matters any better by ignoring the criticism and turning up its nose to the allegations.

4.) Google+ Games are on the Map: This February, Google+ throws its hat into the social gaming ring with Play Your World. The game smartly capitalizes on Google’s deeply-popular Goggle Maps and turns it into a fun globe-hopping game. It’s another cool product developed for Google+ that uses the company’s branding and, we’ll admit it… we can’t wait to play it.

5.) Boomerang Pizza: Finally, every so often we like to close out this list we a “so wrong, it’s right” type of viral ad and this Boomerang Pizza commercial from Spain certainly fits the bill. Just be warned: This beyond bizarre spot is NSFW/maybe anywhere else. Watch and discuss.

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