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As you hop head first into the holidays, let us fill your stocking with the latest in online marketing oddities, social media gems and video content delights. Our gift to you is our weekly list of Five Things You Might Have Missed! So enjoy — and whatever it is you’re celebrating, we here at Brandsplat hope it’s merry!

1.) Santa Puts Siri in His Sleigh: Here’s a rare Christmas-themed ad from Apple that has been the subject of oodles and oodles of blogs this week. Why? Because depending on how you feel about Apple products, the commercial is either a warm, holiday message or the perpetuation of the iPhone cult. Still, no matter how you slice it, showing Santa using Siri to find houses and keep track of his Christmas list is clever and perfect for the season.

2.) Unhappy Tweets: Despite its chipper demeanor, researchers at the University of Vermont have found that Twitter is not a happy place. The study reports that based on frequently used words, folks on Twitter are less happy than they used to be. Researchers note that a newsworthy event like a death or a natural disaster can affect the general mood of Twitter and the sour content of the tweets. This makes the list for reminding us to tweet positive or educational messages that make Twitter a happier place.

3.) Watch This Top Ten: Here’s a year-end list you’ll wanna watch — the ten most watched ads on YouTube. You might have seen all of them already, but the list deserves a gander to get a glimpse into the trends and viral content from the year that was.

4.) But the Google is So Delightful: Of the online holiday-themed time killers from last week, Google’s “Let it Snow” Easter egg was certainly one of the most entertaining. The snow-globe effect dusted upon the search engine when the words “let it snow” were entered brought smiles to even the crustiest tech and marketing snobs.

5.) Slip Sliding Away: Finally, this helpful and kind of hilarious video from TomTom rounds out our list for having a great song, a timeless message and priceless footage of drivers acting the fool in the snow.

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