Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Social media marketing oddities? Yup. The stinkiest viral campaign of the year? Yeah, we’ve found that too. And we even stumbled upon perhaps the first funny Weight Watchers commercial in the history of ever. All this and more in our weekly list of 5 Things You Might Have Missed!

1.) Luvs Stinks: The people have spoken — Luv’s animated dirty diaper ad is the worst commercial of 2011. And we happen to agree! This No. 2 of a viral video was a sensation for sucking so bad. We’re happy to see that Americans, while admittedly fans of juvenile humor, said “no thanks” to this vile and unfunny commercial that somehow managed to ruin Tag Team’s “Whoomp! There it is!” more than the Addams Family did.

2.) Piggybacking on Sponsored Tweets: If you’ve been a good tweeter, you may have missed the trend of capitalizing on brand-sponsored tweets. The trend made news over Halloween when other brands and non-profits used Burger King’s #AllDressedUp hashtag for their own good. Shady? Maybe a little, but it’s list worthy for showing that all is fair in love, war and Twitter for business.

3.) Weight Loss is a Laughing Matter: This Weight Watchers Funny or Die commercial does what many marketers thought was impossible — it makes losing weight funny. Really funny, in fact. Comedian Lenny Clarke makes us laugh as he tells about how Weight Watchers changed his life. In the process, he and the company have changed diet commercials.

4.) Like a Moth to a Flame: The newly-launched Fiat is on a mission to be cool and we love it. This time the car company has released a series of hip and urban storytelling events as a web and radio series. The promotion takes its cue from the über-cool Moth and Fiat continues to come off as a smart and, yes, even cool reinvented brand.

5.) What Our Tweets Tell Us: And finally, maybe our tweets actually have something more to say than what we’re wearing or what we think about Kim Kardashian. UK researchers are studying social media to see if it can track an event like an outbreak and weather phenomenon.

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