Five Social Media Tips You Might Have Missed!

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Seems like everybody, from the big shot advertising guru to the owner of the indie ice cream parlor, has some indispensable advice when it comes to social media marketing. These nuggets of wisdom usually begin with the phrases, “You know what you should be doing…” or “If I were you, I’d focus on…” Far be it from us to miss out on this opportunity! We’ve collected five social media marketing tips that you might have missed — ones you might actually use!

1.) Marketing Rising: If you’re having trouble seeing how social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can help promote your small business, take a look at the independent documentary Girls Rising. What this little movie did was build a huge online following and fan base before even trying to get into theaters. “In today’s world, if you can get your message out early enough, you can find your super-fan,” says Holly Gordon, executive producer, in an interview with The Daily Beast. With more than 245,000 Facebook likes and huge buzz on Twitter, Girls Rising proves the importance of finding our brand’s super-fans.

2.) Ready, Set, Strategize: Before you start tooting your brand’s horn on social media, the best thing you can do is get a strategy. Finding out what you want to accomplish online and how you plan on making that happen is a crucial step that a lot of companies skip. This terrific post from Mashable has great social media strategy planning tips to help your brand use Facebook and Twitter more thoughtfully.

3.) Get +: Love or loathe Google+, its power cannot be denied. Unlike any other social network on the planet, Google+ transcends mere social and relies on Google’s massive search capabilities. Or as Demian Farnworth at Copyblogger writes, “On Google+ your network impact extends beyond the social media domain. It follows you across all of Google’s products: Reviews, Maps, Chrome, Ads, Hangouts, YouTube, Drive, Calendar, Wallet. It follows you across every Google product.” And that’s something any brand can use.

4.) Event Helper: How a company threw a product launch, book signing, art opening or new location party before social media is a mystery to us. Wait, you’re still not using social media to promote your company events?! Read this list from Social Media Examiner to help get your parties on track and well-attended thanks to a few social media tricks.

5.) More Than Just Social: While this week’s list is devoted to social media tips, it would be a big mistake to forget search engine marketing and email marketing. This article by Marketing Pilgrim will help you prioritize email and search along with Facebook and Twitter.

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