Five great blogs to read, emulate, and inspire

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There is an old adage that says,  “bad artists borrow from other artists, good artists steal.”  In these copyright sensitive times, steal is a harsh word; but the point of the saying it is still valid. With blog writing,  it is really helpful to be aware of other great blogs that entertain their readers while helping promote their brand. Borrowing ideas from other blogs or using them as inspiration can jump start your business’ blog.  Below are five noteworthy blogs, in no particular order, that deserved to be read, enjoyed and  maybe even borrowed from.

1.) Rings- This New York Times blog covers all things relating to the upcoming Winter Olympics. Written with the Times signature superb style and research, Rings simultaneously promotes the  paper itself, the Winter Games, and even Canada while giving a deeper insight to the event that readers expect from the brand.

2.) Musings by Johnathan Adler– Part catalog, part blog, Musings is 100% Johnathan Adler. Brightly colored and filled with Adler’s wit, the monthly magazine provides design snobs with an inside peak at the designer’s creative process as well as a sneak peek into the latest available products.

3.) Hersey’s Share the Bliss Blog– Using their luxury line of chocolates, an expensive diamond necklace, and a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants type of concept, Hersey’s blog is a unique and heartwarming experience. The blog follows thirteen winners of a contest who share time with a  sixteen carat diamond necklace. Each winner’s tale of the necklace provides a soap opera like quality that begs readers to come back and see what happens next.

4.) MLB Blog Network- Wanna know what’s happening with the Marlins new stadium or what the Yankees biggest female fan does with her time in the off season, or where your favorite Dodger players like to eat? Then the MLB Blog Network is a must read. Major League Baseball’s comprehensive super-blog, the site links readers to their favorite teams and hometowns. Naturally, the blog  also connects baseball fans with tickets, schedules, and official  merchandise.

5.) Beauty and the Blog– Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog is written like a fashion magazine while spotlighting the websites latest products. The longstanding blog continues to reel in readers and potential customers by giving beauty junkies tons of  fun and frothy articles centered around Sephora’s massive inventory.

Happy reading.

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