Facebook Page Assault: When Apple Fans Attack

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Trekkies, Bronies and Claymates are quiet little kittens compared to Macheads. For a company that makes computers, phones and tablets, Apple sure does inspire a crazed groupie type of response. Members of The Church of Apple are one devoted bunch of computer-loving folks… and lord help the company that tries to slam Apple with Facebook marketing. Samsung took (yet) another cheap shot at Apple on its Facebook page this week and learned the hard way that hell hath no fury like a Machead scorned.

The most recent round of brand bitchery was launched by Samsung when it posted an ad for its Galaxy 3 smartphone on its Facebook page. According to the company, Galaxy 3 is the phone most people would want to be stranded on a desert island with. The spot was a slam-dunk for Facebook marketing engagement almost immediately. Posted on September 6, the video has over 45,000 likes and 15,000 comments. Yet according to the Huffington Post, much of the so-called Facebook love for Samsung is actually pretty ugly. Macheads used the post as an opportunity to sing the praises of the new iPhone 5, a chance to bash the results of the recent Samsung lawsuit and as a platform to mock Samsung users. Others skewered the commercial itself, saying they’d pass on having that smartphone in favor of a toothbrush or a satellite phone to call for rescue.

Given its worldwide sales, I’m sure Samsung cares very little if Apple trolls attack its Facebook ads. And that’s the right response for any size company. Haters, as the saying goes, are gonna hate and there is very little you can do about it. Getting upset or defending a campaign is a waste of marketing time.  It’s best to politely acknowledge the opinions of critics and move on. Facebook for business is a fickle game and there is no pleasing all your followers all of the time.

But you tell us, readers: Have you ever verbally spanked a brand’s Facebook page? And do you delete negative responses from your company’s Facebook page? And finally, just to keep things spicy, which brand do you like more — Apple or Samsung? Let the games begin in the comment section below!


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