Facebook Fierceness in 40 Minutes a Day

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facebook fierce workout 40 mintes a day

Much like tackling the junk drawer or organizing our garage, making time to devote to our company’s Facebook page seems like a colossal pain in the neck. Yet would you believe a bit of pain-free maintenance holds the key to solving this problem? We’ve come up with a 40-minute-a-day Facebook marketing plan to simplify using the world’s most popular and powerful social media site.

Like going to the gym or meditation, great social media marketing takes a dedicated amount of time every day to yield any results. So we recommend starting with 40 minutes – 20 minutes early in the day and 20 minutes at the day’s end. We know by now that Facebook fan pages work best when they are regularly updated; therefore, we think a minimum of two updates a day is a good place to start. We see small restaurants post their dinner specials every day and we think this a perfect, simple Facebook model. By letting your customers or clients know what the latest happenings are at your company in your status, you are staying on their minds while opening up the conversation for comments or suggestions.

That being said, you don’t want to kill your fans with second-by-second Facebook status updates. So try to limit yourself to four a day. In lieu of a smartly-written status update, try to post a relevant video or news link three times a week. Levi’s routinely does a great job of this on its page and it’s something we can all do in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to uploading and tagging pictures on Facebook, the rule of thumb is edit and post in a timely fashion. Your customers don’t want to see every glass of wine that was poured at your latest event. Instead, edit and post only the best pictures and post them in a timely fashion. Plus, uploading a few thoughtfully-chosen pictures won’t eat up as much time as posting and tagging an entire roll.

The biggest thing we all want our Facebook pages to do is to link back to our company’s website. So throughout the day, make sure your Facebook is sending your fans to your site by linking your company blogs and website updates. This should be the top priority with Facebook, so we advise using no fewer than six opportunities a week to bounce back to your business website.

Lastly, take 30 minutes once a week to come up with new promotions or marketing ideas you can implement on your Facebook page. See what other companies are doing. Get inspired! And remember – if nobody responds to a Facebook promotion, you haven’t really lost anything except for a few minutes.

Realistically, we all spend way more than 40 minutes every day on Facebook, so why not take a few minutes between rounds of Mafia Wars and actually do some social media marketing? But you tell us. How much time a day do you spend on social media marketing? And do you have any tips for Facebook marketing newbies? Sound off below!

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