Facebook Events Aren’t Just for Susie’s Birthday Party

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Though Facebook is flooded with birthday event invitations for every 17-year-old girl with a penchant for popularity, Facebook Events aren’t just for embarrassing co-ed adolescent interaction and hideously-decorated cakes… They’re a valuable business tool.

So you’ve already created a Facebook account for your business. You’ve collected lots of friends and occasionally sign on to post something so people remember you. Great… but what else can you get out of your Facebook marketing? It is a common practice for businesses to hold sales or open houses to drum up business, so why aren’t you doing the same thing on Facebook? Where it’s free!

The marketing options are endless, so really it’s up to you. Your event can invite the entire Facebook community (or just your friends) to an event at your physical storefront, or your Facebook event could be strictly online in which you offer incentives for “attending” like a 10 percent off coupon or free consultation. Whatever route you go, this tactic has one thing in common: exposure. People are seeing your business, learning about you and if you offer an incentive, they’re getting a deal. And as we know, people love deals.

Go one step further and add some real content to your event. Adding ghostwritten articles to the event’s page will help get people informed, interested and will show off your knowledge and skill within your business field.

Keep in mind that there are a few no nos when it comes to Facebook Events, too. Don’t create the same event all the time because people will become accustomed to it and they won’t care anymore. Then, if you do create something fresh and new, they won’t pay attention anyway; that’s like the Facebook business equivalent of crying wolf. Furthermore, don’t create an event and then just leave it. Events take work and you have to create content, check back, and respond to people if you want it to benefit your business and generate any return on investment.

The point is, don’t overlook a valuable tool. Facebook Events, if used properly, are an excellent way to spread the word of an upcoming sale or offer incentives and, in many cases, won’t cost you a dime. There’s no advertising like free advertising.

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