Extra Cheese: How Pizza Plays the Email Marketing Game

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A solid email plan is something companies large and small want as part of their online marketing strategies. Why? Simply, email marketing is still an incredibly powerful way to reach consumers and followers. Thanks to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, email is even more effective and sought after. Think we’re lying? Just order a pizza.

The big pizza companies like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Dominos have transformed how they do business thanks to the Internet. Not only do we order, pay for and track our pizzas online, pizza companies now have more information about their customers than ever before. Everything from where we live to how often we order to what kind of toppings we like are now the kind of thing we willingly hand over to the pizza place each time we order online.

Pizza Hut, for example, takes this information a step further and uses email marketing to offer special deals to frequent customers while enticing them with tasty email subject lines like “A Secret Deal Just For You!” Pizza Hut wisely tags each email deal with an expiration date so subscribers feel inspired to place an order. Papa John’s also offers goodies for regular customers. Papa Points is the company’s rewards program and things like free pizzas or wings are customers’ for the taking, if they accumulate enough points, of course. Making it easy for customers to keep track of their points, Papa John’s sends emails every time customers have earned free stuff. As if this wasn’t enough, all of the big pizza companies have smartphone apps that make getting that big cheesy pizza to customers’ doors even easier than it already is.

What makes email marketing work for pizza companies is the same thing that can make it work for your company: convenience. Most of us check our email on our phones. And for avid deal hunters or online shoppers, this is doubly true. Email marketing is an easy way for us to offer discounts, show off new merchandise and talk about the latest happenings directly with our subscribers. The key, which the big pizza companies have certainly figured out, is to offer them a reason to open that email. Either a great deal, a funny subject line or an intriguing idea — some reason for them to keep reading your emails. Think of the kind of branded emails you read and are excited to open. Are they newsletters? Are they filled with discounts? Are they more like magazines? Do they feature a behind-the-scenes look at a favorite business? Figure out your favorite and create email marketing campaigns that you and your followers will both want to read.

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