Even Bikini Babes Love Blogging!

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We tend to live by the philosophy that any brand can improve their digital image with a great blog. Good blog writing can truly give any business a voice that other forms of online marketing can’t. Almost weekly now, we read a new story about an unlikely personality or company who has helped transform their digital image by writing a highly-read blog. And no blogger is more unlikely than Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen.

Teigen, who graces the pages of SI’s 2012 swimsuit issue for the third time in her career, was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. The beauty naturally answered questions about her shoot for the annual men’s magazine drool-fest, but the Journal was more interested in her blog, So Delushious: Personal Random Ramblings from a Girl Who Loves Bacon and Can’t Be Fat.

Teigen says Twitter was the catalyst that helped her get blogging.

“I was basically tweeting all these amazing recipes and I was getting more and more feedback. I had a couple glasses of wine and started a WordPress blog,” she tells WSJ. “I’ll go off on complete tangents—I’ll start talking about lasagna and then start wondering what I’m going to do with my life. It’s important for me to gain credibility in the food world. I’ll often show photos of me throwing out a dish I tried to cook but screwed up.”

In addition to culinary school dreams, Teigen hopes the blog opens the door for a food and travel television show. With her 100k-plus followers on Twitter and her highly-bookmarked blog, we see no reason why Teigen can’t go from bikini babe to domestic goddess of Martha-like proportions.

The lesson here is simple: Whatever you’re passionate about, whatever your business does best, whatever you love—blog about it! And watch the readers and customers come running!

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