Email Newsletters: Less is More

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Email newsletters, thanks largely in part to smartphones and popular subscription services like Constant Contact, have come back bigger than ever. Every brand wants an email newsletter of its own to play a vital part in its content marketing strategy. Yet our collective enthusiasm for email newsletters can be cause for excess. Packed with too much information and sent several times a week, email newsletter overkill is on the rise. Here are a few ways you can avoid it:

Save Some for the Next Issue: Problem numero uno with overdone email marketing begins with too many articles. Marketers tend to have a “more is more” attitude with nearly everything, but with email marketing, “less is more” is a better rule of thumb. Consider that when opening emails of your own, you want the sender, whether it be Barnes & Noble or your mother, to get to the point. With too many articles and blurbs in your newsletter, you run the risk of boring your reader and causing them to unsubscribe. We all just want easy-to-read newsletters that are informative and short. Pick out your ten best blogs, new product photos and videos and leave it at that.

Images in Focus: Snazzy, sharply-designed newsletters are sure to stand out in the inbox, and great images play a huge role. But don’t load your newsletter with images just because you can. Remember, depending on what email server your followers use, lots of images can make newsletters annoyingly hard to open. Instead, edit your images like you would your text — stick with the logos and great graphics that make sense for that particular issue and leave the rest.

Make it Worth Their While: Lastly, make your newsletter stand out by offering something you don’t offer on social media or on your website. Studies have shown that the most popular email newsletters are the ones that give readers something extra. Coupons, freebies, interviews and exclusive videos are just a few things to include to make your newsletter special and worth opening again and again.

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