Email Marketing Gaining New Friends

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There appears to be an increase in the popularity of email marketing particular  when it comes to customers who are now welcoming informative emails. As a marketing tool, it seems to be losing its ‘spam’ tag due in part to the policies of many businesses and how they conduct email marketing campaigns.  If a business follows current guidelines, they are marketing to individuals who have opted-in to receive these emails.

Current trends are showing that businesses are starting to show more interest in email marketing. There are several reasons for this, one being the relatively low cost to run an email marketing campaign. Another is that marketers are delivering better content via email marketing, thus creating a better end-user experience. Returns from well designed campaigns are also on the increase with many businesses reporting that email marketing delivers their highest ROI when it comes to a cost comparison.

For businesses selling tangible products, email marketing may well lead to a decent increase in revenues. The biggest problem for many businesses is simply getting started and developing an email list to market to. There are many services (such as Aweber) available to help manage your mail list, however this does still leave the task of acquiring email addresses.

Ensuring your web site has multiple entry points to sign up for newsletters is certainly one tactic that is working  well.  Popular entry and exit points are obvious areas to place newsletter opt-in forms or buttons. Ensuring the sign on process is as quick and painless as possible is also important. Often a name and  email address is all you need to get started.

Email marketing is finding a lot of new friends both in the online and offline world. Brick and mortar businesses are also requesting email addresses and many shoppers are obliging. As a form of marketing, it can be inexpensive and the returns can be sizable.

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