Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing: You Can Have Both!

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Like Bert and Ernie, chocolate and peanut butter and Michele Bachmann and crazy, email marketing and social media marketing are two things that go great together. We’ve heard from folks for quite some time that they feel restricted to use one or the other. Either they had to channel their marketing efforts into an engaging social media effort or an interactive email marketing initiative. But time and resources never allowed for both. Well, we say “poo” to that kind of thinking — and here’s why.

Let me be Captain Obvious here for just a minute. The point of both email marketing and social media marketing is to drive business to your site. So using both channels is bound to improve click-through rates since your odds are increased, no? In fact, businesses that use both email marketing and social media marketing recently reported higher click-through rates than businesses that focused solely on email marketing, according to a new study from Constant Contact. The social media and email marketing combo platter is also a great way to increase your contact list. Getting more followers and potential customers is the name of the game, so encouraging your social media friends to hop on your email list is a great way to do just that.

But let’s talk about the time thing. How much time does it require, really? We firmly believe you can do all of your digital marketing in just 60 to 90 minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week. Thanks to nifty technology and people like us, there’s no longer a need to feel exhausted at the mere thought of tweeting and sending out emails. The best part is that email marketing and social media marketing can be created in advance to match your style and language. Aside from new developments, the majority of messages sent out on both platforms can be planned out well in advance, making execution even faster.

In the end, both channels are about reaching out to your clients — so why not try both to increase your chances of success?

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