Don’t be Afraid of Ghostwriters

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The word “ghostwriter” often gets a bad rap. Recently, the world of hip hop has been shaken by accusations that a performer who goes by the name of Jay Electronica has been ghostwriting for veteran rapper Nas and has even provided the star with lyrics to some of his biggest hits. This being hip hop, neither star wants to look bad, so both have shot down the rumors. But we say if you’ve got ghostwriters, don’t be ashamed — especially when it comes to blogging.

Corporate blog creation can be a daunting process. Many business owners don’t know where to start and how to come up with topics. This is where a great ghostwriter can come in handy. Clearly everybody from Gwyneth Paltrow and Nancy Drew to Rachael Ray and James Bond and beyond have famously benefitted from ghostwriting. The stigma attached is that readers are being misled. With books or biographies, this might be the case. But with blogging, ghostwriting is fair game. The fact of the matter is that most companies don’t have the time to turn out quality daily blogs. Good ghostwriters can lead a blog into successful territory by creating fresh content and crafting a daily voice for your brand.

Let’s also not forget the ‘writer’ part of the word ghostwriter. Tragically and obviously, many non-writers have landed in high-profile blogging and content creation positions in recent months and to disastrous results. (Don’t make us talk about Mitt Romney’s spelling crimes again.)Using real writers helps your blog sound like someone cared when they put it together. Because when it comes to writing, things like grammar and spelling as well as creativity and research truly matter.

While untangling a hip hop ghostwriting scandal is way outside of our wheelhouse, we do know that ghostwriting is one way to ensure great content. If your blog needs some ghostwriting help, why not give us a call? Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone.


  1. Genevieve Fosa says

    Another point, ghostwriting has been a worthy profession ever since the invention of writing. What, pray tell, were the scribes, who sat in the market place, offering to write letters and legal forms for their clients, as well as copying out entire books – often leaving their own notations to confuse scholars in later centuries?

    There is nothing illegal about ghostwriting.

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