Does YouTube selectively block certain features for some videos?

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I was recently cruising the YouTube community help forum and reading the “bugs” section when one entry caught my eye. A link to ” An update on Video View Counts” had over 1440 replies. If that many people are talking about something, you know it must be a big deal. Here’s the gist; you post your video and you start getting lots of vies…then suddenly the views stop (or at least it appears that they have stopped). It’s like the views get frozen and don’t update even if you know your aunt Lucy just viewed your video. Liz, a YouTube support person, did admit that there was an issue and posted this reply,

Occasionally, when a video becomes popular quickly, it takes our computers longer to make sure those views are accurate. This means a video’s viewcount may not update for several hours, sometimes allowing ratings and comments on the same video to climb temporarily higher than the views.  So if you see your video views aren’t moving, or that your video’s comments and ratings are moving faster than your views, don’t worry. If you’re still getting views, the count should update soon.

It looks like the problem persists and there really isn’t anything that can be done if this happens to you. You are SOL. I wonder if this would cause marketers to migrate to other platforms, like Vimeo, to distribute their videos. Have you found yourself in this situation? If so, what steps did you take to address the issue? Did you stay with YouTube? Did you move on?

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