Does Facebook Studio Demystify Facebook Marketing?

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Amidst all of the Facebook news this week — from the President’s Facebook town hall to another Facebook & China hassle — the company quietly released a new product for marketers and advertisers. While maybe not a big deal to the rest of the world, the potential of this community site, dubbed Facebook Studio, is huge for us marketing types. Facebook Studio promises to open the dialog between marketers and ad agencies about the secrets to successful Facebook marketing. The flashy gallery at Facebook Studio shows off the campaigns that were most shared, most commented on and most liked. This should be a chance for agencies and businesses of all sizes to share what’s worked for them on Facebook and how they did it.

So is Facebook Studio a good learning tool or is it just a splashy infomercial that toots the horns of big companies with big social media advertising budgets?

It is certainly too early to say definitively if Facebook Studio is a worthwhile idea. I spent some time on it and found it to be interesting if not yet groundbreaking. The Learning Lab portion of the site is light on content but does have a nice word of mouth video for beginning Facebook marketers. The Spotlight section features campaigns that have racked up tons of Likes. Corona is featured as a most Liked site and it shows off the beermakers’ campaign which took over Times Square billboards. While an innovative campaign, let’s be real here — most small companies can’t afford such an endeavor and therefore this section of the site is less inspiring and more show-offy.

The educational aspect on Facebook Studio is light, but the real goal is to inspire businesses to buy advertising space on the site. Personally, I’m not sure if it convinced me to pitch that idea to clients or that it was all that motivational but it is definitely another worthwhile tool for the social media marketing toolbox.

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