Did Blogs Save the Art Star?

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When window-shopping around the net at different blogs for blog creation ideas, it’s hard not to notice how artsy things have gotten. From snappy original graphics on design websites to Tumblrs filled with bold images that transcend mediums, art is seemingly everywhere. In fact, it now seems like the cool thing to do to reference famous or undiscovered artists in blogs of all genres. Also, the number of blogs alone devoted to the arts is a testament to how seriously the web loves the arts. With all of these great-looking blogs with snooty-patootie artistic pedigrees floating around, we wondered: Did blogging help artists, or is it the other way around?

To get to the bottom of the question, one need look no further than free blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. Blogging platforms are taking the blogs of artists very seriously, with Tumblr leading the pack. Tumblr, it seems, was born for art pimping. With its image-friendly layout, Tumblr makes posting images easy. Almost immediately after Tumblr’s launch in 2007, artists flocked to the site. Tumblr was quickly utilized by artists as “makeshift websites” where followers and buyers could easily find artists’ work without the artists having to sink big money into a traditional site. And Tumblr’s social nature made it really easy for artists’ work to get passed around and shared by other users. Tumblr is so serious about the arts that it has an artist outreach program and even boasts its own office gallery comprised of works by artists from Tumblr. And, naturally, Tumblr features several directories of artists that you can find on the site.

Other platforms are art crazy, too. A simple WordPress topic search for art will turn up blogs by big-time artists and art writers, while Blogger boasts blogs from the Guggenheim. Artists were clearly drawn to the ease of blogging and the rest is history.

The relationship between artists and blogs, it appears, is a mutually beneficial one. Artists can have their work seen by millions of blog readers and blogs can now elevate their appearance to compete with online magazines and tablet publications. But does all this art talk mean our blog content management strategies must now include original artwork? No, but some kind of image plan should be put in place. This blogging art explosion proves that fresh content now includes great-looking graphics.

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