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Happy Earth Day! There has been many a blog this week discussing all things green and going paperless and whatnot. Blogging itself, after all, is a pretty green concept when you think about it. There’s no paper involved or cars used to distribute the darn thing or child laborers forced to write about Kate Gosselin for 3 cents an hour. Blogging is a self-contained way to get your word out and share thoughts with others without knocking the rain forest down. Pretty awesome, right?

Company blogs in particular have moved beyond shameless promotion or narcissistic navel gazing. The genre is blossoming before our very eyes and in the most unexpected places”¦ like discount airline Southwest.

God bless the airline industry. Encouraging folks to travel during this country’s bunk economy is a tough job that I personally wouldn’t want. Besides, flying kinda stopped being fun when it became synonymous with cavity searches and hot stinky lines filled with tortured souls trying to get the hell out of wherever they are. But somehow, Southwest is giving it the old college try with their blog Nuts About Southwest.  The blog is magazine-style with videos, articles, polls, and news. It’s a well written blog that thankfully stays out the Sky Mall territory while informing readers of the good things the company does and the ways they’re trying to make flying enjoyable again. You get the feeling you’re hanging out with the fun-loving gang at Southwest and reading it makes you almost forget the last time you flew and  was told to sit down and shut up. Smartly, Nuts About Southwest has quick links to airfare deals and the company’s main website.

What we can learn from Southwest as well as other enjoyable blogs is that the message our company sends out can be a happy, positive or enriching experience regardless of what is happening in the world. Thanks to social media, your blog can spread like wildfire and not have to sit in the corner like a fat kid at a junior high dance.  But mainly, blogging is an environmentally friendly avenue to open up the conversation with your customers. Plus, since it exists only in cyber-space you never have to worry whether or not your blog ended up in the recycling bin.

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