Colorful uses of online brand marketing

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Art programs in public schools are facing near extinction. The funds to teach painting, ceramics, music, and theater are non-existent and the public perception is that these skills are not as important as reading or math, even though research has proven time and time again that students who study art score higher on standardized tests.

Thankfully, corporations  like Crayola have stepped in to give budding artists a hand.   The Crayola Dream-Makers Art Exhibition, a  nationwide contest that encourages students to express what creativity means to them by using visual arts, has  recently extended their submission deadline to January 31st.  A selected group of submissions will be exhibited at The US Department of Education in Washington DC.   Winning participants in the exhibition will be featured in a book and given cash prizes. The exhibition is using Crayola’s website as a platform to get teachers, students, and kids excited about art in education. The site features galleries of past exhibitions, ideas for students, and a teaching guide for art teachers. Moreover, Crayola is championing a cause while promoting their products.

It makes sense for Crayola to champion a cause like arts education. After all, the art supply company’s bread and butter is kids who love to create. By using the same website that boasts Crayola’s latest and greatest products to also champion their favorite cause, the company has killed two birds with one stone. This inspired idea is one that any business can use. Musical artists have been using their personal websites to promote causes from HIV awareness to animal rights for years. Favorite causes and charities have always helped build goodwill with businesses and customers. Online brand marketing helps build a bridge between charity and business because of it’s cost effectiveness and ability to reach large audiences. Client email blasts, for example, that feature new products can also be used for fundraising  awareness. Also, your corporate blog can update your clients on the latest philanthropic efforts and ways your they can get involved. Finally, your business’ social networking can include links to favorite community projects.

The possibilities for connecting business and charitable causes through online marketing are seemingly endless. Crayola’s template for bringing awareness to arts education while expanding their business is a simple and creative idea that anybody can implement.

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