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Regardless of what Glenn Beck says, people still love Mother’s Day. Folks are finding all kinds of ways to use social media to tell mom that they love her, and marketers couldn’t be happier.

Love or loathe E-Trade’s talking baby campaign, its hard to argue with how memorable the little buggers are. As featured in USA Today, E-Trade is rolling out widgets that can be accessed through their website or Facebook where users can download personal messages for mom using themselves or the company’s famous babies.

Hallmark is taking the Mother’s Day card into the next millennium by using Facebook.  The brand, synonymous with holidays and tear-jerking movies of the week, is letting Facebook users post videos, photos, graphics and words in the ultimate multimedia tribute to mom. The “Meet My Mom” tab on Hallmark’s Facebook page has seen hundreds of users upload testimonials and interviews from around the globe. Members of the armed forces overseas have used “Meet My Mom” to connect with wives and mothers back home. Hallmark has experienced a serious bump in their Facebook fans jumping from 250 last year to over 7,000 and climbing.

Teleflora’s talking Facebook flowers are back just in time for Mother’s Day. The wildly popular e-cards are a way for Teleflora to expand their brand in a time when overall sales in the flower business are down. Senders of the e-cards also enter senders as well as their moms in a contest to win free flowers for a year and the recipient of the card gets a discount on their next order.

Yet the best little mother’s day item I found on the Interweb has to be the much Tweeted about White Castle Scented Candles. Some call it white trash, I call it genius. These candles are scented like the famous steam-grilled miniature burgers immortalized by Harold and Kumar in the stoner classic from a few years back.  White Castle has already sold out of these odd little wax creations and e-bay is now being flooded with the candles being sold at nearly triple their price! Only the best for mom.

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