Candy Makers Hand Out Tasty Viral Treats

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Is it just us, or did the big-time candy companies go all out this year with online video creation? It seems like every treat factory on the map is desperately trying to create viral gold during this haunted time of year. From brain-shaped Jell-O molds to Halloween-themed Cliff bars, there’s no shortage of stuff aimed toward the little ones and every kitschy Halloween product has to have a great online video, too. Yet during this crowded commercial season, two spots really stood out as spooky hilarious holiday hits.

Cadbury Creme Eggs are legendary Easter favorites, and their commercials are classics. For this season, however, the decadent delights went rotten. With a bright green yolk and the moniker “Screme Eggs,” this springtime staple got all dressed up for Halloween. As clever as the repackage might be, Screme Eggs knocked it out of the park with its smart, silly and scary spots. The three online smash hits pay homage to horror movie classics like Dawn of the Dead and are clearly marketing to Halloween junkies who have a darker sense of humor. The stop motion eggs act out a variety of spooky scenarios. What makes the series a standout, though, is the creativity and inventiveness which helps online ads break apart from the pack.

Our second pick is Snickers. Snickers has some pretty big shoes to fill after its 2010 Grocery Store Lady became an all-time Halloween classic. Certainly one of the best Halloween commercials of all time, “Grocery Store Lady” was a tough act to follow. In fact, the company didn’t even bother last year with a new viral campaign choosing instead to rerun its home run from the year before. This year, however, Snickers is back. While we can’t say for sure if the “Horseless Headsman” will have the same staying power, it’s certainly a valiant and hilarious effort. In it, a giant head tries to scare some trick-or-treating kids who quickly correct him. Hunger causes confusion, the kids point out and give the large noggin a Snickers. The punchline to follow is a good one, as is the last laugh over the logo. With “Horseless Headsman,” Snickers’ Halloween viral ads are now a seasonal thing to look forward to — and that’s special, indeed.

Both candy empires are doing what every brand — regardless of size and genre — should do. Savvy online video creation need not be over-the-top or pricey. It just needs to highlight your brand well and there are billions of ways to do that without relying on too many tricks.

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