Can Blogging Make You Feel Better?

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As blogging-for-business experts, we see first hand the positive changes that can occur when a blog is introduced into a company’s online marketing strategy. Beyond the SEO shot in the arm and increased web presence a blog almost immediately gives when introduced, companies are given the confidence and opportunity to have a conversation with the people who buy their products and/or use their services. Now a new book suggest that blogging might also make you happier, too.

Blogging for Happiness: A Guide To Improving Positive Mental Health (And Wealth) From Your Blog by Ellen Arnison is the latest tome to preach the power of blogging. In an interview with STV.Tv, Arnison says she started her blog five years ago as an outlet to talk about her daily trials and tribulations of being a wife, mother and freelance writer. She says she turned to blogging as a source of comfort during challenging emotional times.

“Blogging for Happiness is a book that is about doing just that; writing online to make you feel better about what is going on around you,” she says. “I suffered a series of bereavements very close together and found myself drowning in a sea of emotions I could not contain. Writing them down and finding others who understood was fantastic therapy. I didn’t realize at first how much it was helping me break free from my depression but as the blog grew so did my confidence.”

The book also talks about the business side of blogging.

“It also explains the best way to try and make some money from your writing,” she adds. “Blogging is one of the fastest growing markets out there and there is plenty of room for more people to join in and tell the world about their lives.”

We think Arnison is on to something here. Blogging informative, well-written content isn’t only great for readers but has the potential to put a smile on our faces knowing that we’ve done our part to make the blogosphere a happier place.

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