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Clever content marketing doesn’t get to take a holiday vacation, so if you’re reading this you, probably don’t take one, either. Thanks to easy access to the Internet and the major holidays falling in the middle of the week, news outlets are reporting that the number of folks working or working from home this year are expected to skyrocket. So in the spirit of working through the season, we’ve recycled some of our favorite blogs from 2012 to help your online marketing stay inspired, all year round.

Funny Makes Money: Our post, Memorable Marketing is All About the Funny, from November is worth a visit if you missed it the first go ’round — or if you just need reminding that the fastest way to our followers’ hearts is through their funny bone.

Ask a Librarian: For a tutorial in online marketing in every platform, your local library has it going on! Social media-driven events, cool and teched-out ways of running promotions and killer blog marketing are just how libraries roll these days, and we’d all be wise to take a page from their marketing playbook.

Ooh La La: Back in June, we raved about My Little Paris. This blog/newsletter is like taking a master classes in both blog writing and email marketing. Plus it’s also a really creative business model to explore for bloggers and marketers looking to monetize their content.

Tweet Terrors: We love to talk about Twitter marketing gone wrong in these page for the sheer educational value, of course. But no other post about the topic covered Twitter marketing snafus better than this one from Halloween. The kicker? We made a boo-boo of our own when we initially published it on the wrong day, proving the that everybody makes marketing mistakes. Even us.

Blogs Heart Facebook: If you’re thinking about ditching Facebook, read this post from the fall first! We make the case that Facebook is still an effective way to promote your blogging for business efforts.

Progressive, Indeed: Last on our leftovers list is this post from August which discusses comedian/blogger Matt Fisher and his battle with insurance company Progressive. It’s a powerful look at how blogs can bring about change as well as being a lesson in blogger-brand communication.

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