Brandsplat Video Report – Scvngr, Tweeters and the Worst Ad in America

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This week’s Brandsplat Video report episode covers Scvngr, Pulse of the Tweeters, and the Worst Ad in America. Wow! – worst ad in America?  What do you think the worst ad in America is?  We have our pick. Check it out! Or click here for more Brandsplat vids


  1. says

    Just downloaded it on my iPhone and love it! I think SCVNGR is SO much better than Foursquare mainly because of the game dynamics that they’ve that are part of it. Now they just need to build their user base because not a single person I know is using it. 🙁 I’m guessing that Foursquare will simply add on some of the features that SCVNGR has so that they can compete.

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