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Happy Thanksgiving! As you waddle back to work next week, you might be thinking about revamping your old blog marketing campaign. We think that is an excellent year-end idea! To help you along, we gathered up some blogs and bloggers to be truly thankful for to help serve as your inspiration.

We couldn’t be more thankful for stumbling upon Conversations by Nokia. This blog from the cellphone innovator is, as the title suggests, a chatty and smart collection of posts about Nokia products, apps and news. Conversations is stylish while also being informative. A recent diverse sampling of posts included both an interview with chic fashion designer L’Wren Scott and a techy roundup of travel and navigation apps. Conversations by Nokia isn’t just presenting products or dull company news. It’s showcasing a lifestyle and truly masters what a great branded blog can do.

When it comes to personalities who are also brands, we’re thankful for the, ahem, lessons of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. Meyer built her teenage vampire novel empire by blogging and chatting with her fans back in 2005. She had a reputation for zingy back and forth with her readers and often used her blog to let her teen readers in on her process. Four books and five movies later, Meyer can’t be bothered to drop by her site. And that’s too bad. Dated, dusty and lacking of the personality that put her on the map, Meyer’s blog should be remembered for what it was and not what it is.

Doing the talkative fanboy-fangirl type of blogging perfectly, however, is DC Comics. In the comic book biz since forever, the company is using blog creation to keep its readers informed on the latest happenings from superhero central. Each post is written by folks at DC who clearly know what their readers want — exclusive artwork, dish on upcoming issues and insider info on comic conventions and merchandise. Plus the slick layout speaks directly to DC Comic’s core demographic.

When looking to do simple and low-tech done right, look no further than the Twitter blog. Turns out the blue bird has more to say than will fit in just 140 characters, and the official Twitter blog is the place to do it. Created on a basic Blogger template, Twitter uses blogging to help its users get the most of Twitter. We’re thankful that a social media powerhouse like Twitter has struck the perfect blogging balance of knowledgeable and approachable. True to the brand, Twitter keeps the posts direct, friendly and to the point. A quick perusing of the posts taught us a thing or two about Twitter and we’re impressed.

Also created on Blogger is the ASPCA Blog. Who among us isn’t grateful for the incredible work this non-profit does on behalf of animals? The blog is a great example for non-profits looking to create a platform that also serves as a call to action. The ASPCA’s blog effectively illustrates what the organization does while inspiring readers to get involved.

So when you’re done passing the mashed potatoes and standing in cray-cray Black Friday lines, great blogging for business inspirations and lessons are just begging to be used. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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