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According to recent data from comScore, Twitter recently added more than 5 million subscribers just from February 2009. It seems like everyone and his or her mother is tweeting on the twitter. But it’s not just humans. Believe it or not, you can now add killer whales to the list. I know whales are thought to be intelligent, but how the heck to they manage their blackberries in such wet environments? And how do they tweet on their keypads with slippery fins? I came across this whale of a tale on Reuters and I couldn’t help but cringe just a little bit. I was an early adopter of twitter and I thought it was the hottest thing on the Internet the first three months I used it. But lately I’m noticing more and more companies getting on the bandwagon. When I mention Twitter around anyone involved in marketing they begin to salivate and get a weird frenzied look in their eyes. In my opinion, this makes twitter a little less cool. I get that there is a need for regular Joes to interact with brands, I really do. And I think there’s a place for that. But come on, not all mammals are created equal. Twitter should be for real people, in my humble opinion. But maybe I’m just not in the target audience. You may be, and you may think that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’m sure that killer whales everywhere are just loving it right now.

Enzo F. Cesario

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