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“Ask for money, and get advice/Ask for advice, get money twice”

We’re feeling some Pitbull love today at Brandsplat. We love the first line of this song, which has some kind of magical staying power on the radio station we tune into at our office even though it was released more than a year ago. And lately it’s become a sort of battle cry for the blog writers. We change it up a bit, though:

“Write your own blog, and get a Like/Get us to write, go live your life”

OK, so we’re not mega-ultra-lightening-awesome rap freestylers. But we’ve noticed a trend: Clients come to us to help grow their business by improving their SEO or explaining their products/services through regular blogs. They come to us because they want to connect in a more meaningful way with their target audience.

And we’re great at that. We get all up in their business, asking questions about why people should choose them and how we can best explain their point of differentiation over the competition. We find new and helpful ways to talk about their business from the fresh perspective of someone who doesn’t already know everything about it. We do it on schedule and under budget. We do it with finesse and a bit of humor, where appropriate. And we win them business.

But that’s not why they stay. Time after time (another great song!), we hear this from clients: “I feel so good knowing the blog is in good hands. It’s one more thing off my plate — one less thing to worry about. Now I have my life back.”

Delegating blog management to us means more time for our clients to focus, or even to stop constantly executing long enough to think, create and plan. (Think you don’t need it? Our friend Juliet Funt at WhiteSpace has some great takeaways on that.)

It’s really a win-win. Why? Because this is totally fun for us. We’re freaks, we admit it. Most people hate writing blogs. A select few like it just fine but their workload doesn’t allow them the time to sit down and do it regularly. In any case, they’re not blogging professionals, but they hold themselves and their blog to that standard. Yikes much?

If it leaks, you call a plumber. If it crashes, you call IT. Why would you attempt to manage your own blog needs? Call the experts. This is what we do.

Y’all call it a moment, but we call it a life.

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