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Writing a great blog is like penning a Top 40 hit. Whether you’re into Brad Paisley, Ani DiFranco, Romeo Santos or Paul McCartney, you know a great song when you hear one. There’s truth in a great song — be it emotional or comedic gravitas — and a perfect blend of lyrics and melody. A hit song has a great title, a catchy chorus, a revealing bridge and that extra something that makes you want to play it again.

The same is true with blog writing. Just as songs are really poems set to music, blogs are essays posted to a specific place on the Interwebs. Both require a unique take on a central theme, whether that’s love or marketing. They have to reach their audience with a message that feels like it’s crafted just for them.

As blog writers, our goal is to spark a feeling with your blog. In songwriting, that’s known as the hook. Just like the way hearing a heartbreak song makes you think of your long lost first love, we strive to write something that inspires your audience to connect emotionally with you and your business. Say you’re an accountant. That can be dry stuff, accounting. How do we make a hit out of that subject matter?

Well, the main job of any blog is to establish you or your business as a trusted source of a product or service. When I’m choosing an accountant, I want to know that he or she is informed, personable and easy to work with. Your blog can show these things directly (“New State Rules Go Into Effect July 1”) as well as by using accounting and money issues as a springboard (“Family Saves $437 on Disney Trip with This Simple Tip”). Let’s say I’m a busy marketing professional and mother of four. Which one am I going to click on? There’s your hook.

And if they end up wanting to “play it again,” they share the blog via social media and suddenly you’ve got a revolution on your hands.

If you like what you’re hearing, book us for your wedding contact us today to learn more about how Brandsplat ghost(song)writers can help make you a hit.

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