Blog Personality Profiles: The Stylish Guy

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Want to infuse your blogging for business with a little panache and suave attitude? You’re in luck. Meet the Stylish Guy. He’s the fourth in our  five-part series on blog personality profiles. But don’t let those great looks and fancy accessories fool you — the Stylish Guy packs a content-rich punch when it comes to making your blog readers return.

Great-looking blogs with sleek layouts and crystal clear images are incredibly popular in content marketing. Everyone wants their blog to set a trend — or at the very least look like an amazing design magazine. This what the Stylish Guy does best. He’s amazing at putting together color and layout combinations readers have never seen before. He’ll even put widgets and links in unexpected paces, all while getting noticed by other bloggers for looking so great. And the Stylish Guy never relies on well-worn blog design; he always goes custom. Sounds a little snobby, no? Maybe, but there’s a method to his stylish madness. Custom-designed blogs are a surefire way to make your brand stand out. By using a one-of-a-kind look that can be altered and rearranged depending on your brand’s mood, a company blog can go from blah to fabulous. Custom is also a great way to make your blog is smartphone-friendly. Stylish Guy is also great at weeding out the unnecessary visual elements that might be holdovers from blogging days gone by. Old logos, cheesy videos and busted links are the kind of things the Stylish Guy has no problem throwing out (and you shouldn’t, either). Mainly, the Stylish Guy should be our guru when it comes to staying up on trends and constantly evolving our blog’s content. 

Super-stylish blogs are, however, hard for many brands to pull off, and certainly need to be industry-appropriate. Jewelry? Sure. Spark plugs? Not so much. Savvy Stylish Guy knows that he also needs a healthy dose of substance. Great-looking blogs that are great reads are the kind of thing that always stays in fashion.



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