Blog Personality Profiles: The Funny Guy

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If you are just beginning your journey of branded blog creation, you are probably wondering, “Who is my blog and what does it have to say or contribute?” This is a real concern when considering the fact that without a definitive voice and point of view, blogs can get easily lost and forgotten about. To address this personality (or lack thereof) disorder, we created a new series: The Blog Personality Profiles. We’re here to help you find out who your blog is, who you might not want to be and how to generate the right readers. Today, meet The Funny Guy.

“If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” So said the famous poet Robert Frost, and we happen to agree. Especially in the world of blogging for business, a little humor can lighten up subject matter that can otherwise get a little dry. The Funny Guy knows this and can properly pepper his blog with zingers, funny and timely references and hilarious observations. This guy knows how to make us laugh while still selling his brand. Brands like Fab, Trader Joe’s and ESPN all use just the right amount of humor in each of their respective company blogs. 

Yet like every good weapon, humor is one we must wield carefully. Too many one-liners can dilute our brand’s message. Too crude humor can turn readers off. In other words, the line between Funny Guy and Total Jerk is a thin one, indeed. The key to humor in blogging is to not try too hard. If a joke doesn’t roll off the top of your head, it’s probably not all that funny. If you are not naturally funny, don’t try to be. Nothing is more painful than something trying to make us laugh who doesn’t. While we all love Funny Guy, we’re all not meant to be him. You can swipe some of Funny Guy’s best bits, but in the end, your followers and clients will respond best if you are really yourself.

Get ready to have your ear talked off, because tomorrow we get to know that blog character known as the Chatty Guy!

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