Blog Personality Profiles: The Business Guy

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In our final installment of blog personality profiles, we’re meeting a fellow that many blog writing specialists are familiar with: The Business Guy. The Business Guy is the dude we turn to when we need posts specific to our industry and craft. This fellow knows all the news sources, blogs and statistics to pepper your blog with. His insight and wisdom can make his posts some of the most effective for readers in terms of getting to know your company. 

Industries like real estate, finance, marketing, advertising and even show business have benefited from the knowledge of corporate wizards for years. And when the Business Guy is also a great writer, there’s no stopping him. Blogs about unexpected things like cakes, clothing and party planning could use a dose of this guy’s knowledgable prose. Taking a cue from the Business Guy to show off your smarts is a great way to give your readers and customers the message that when it comes to your industry, you are an invaluable resource. And your blog can become one, too. Given his acumen and coolness under pressure, the Business Guy is great at Q&As and live talkbacks. For charts and infographics, he’s your man. Ditto for posts featuring analysis on market trends and sales.

Yet a blog can’t solely rely on the Business Guy to bring home the bacon. We’ve all been at a party where someone talks about their work non-stop and all we can think about is hopping out a window in order to escape. Well, the Business Guy can do that to our readers, too, if we’re not careful. Overly-business-themed blogs can suffer from being too dry in content, stiff in tone and short on personality. True, not that every blog has to have a countdown of why Ramen Burgers Rule, but every blog needs a little lightness. Even “all work and no play” types want short, easy-to-read blogs that aren’t anchored down with facts, graphs and numbers. WSJForbes and Inc. have tinkered with the writing styles and tone of their respective blogs to fit the on-the-go, casual blog reader. These blogs are still filled with the kind of tips and information that every Business Guy loves, but are now more approachable and user-friendly. Remember, just because you’re blogging for business doesn’t mean you have to be all business, all the time.

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