Blog Personality Profile: The Smart Guy

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Blog content management can be a total snoozefest if the blog in question has zero soul, spark or personality. If you’re new to branded blogging, figuring out who your blog is can be tricky. You want your personality to match the rest of your branding without overshadowing your company’s message. Our series, Blog Personality Profiles, is here to help you find your blog’s voice, and today’s post is all about the Smart Guy.

The Smart Guy is somebody any company would love to have blogging for it. He’s intelligent on a variety of subjects while being a real expert on a couple of things, too. He’s eager to help you learn stuff and is the first to answer questions from folks in trouble. His shining intellect helps elevate blogs and turn posts into resources. Luckily, we all have a Smart Guy lurking inside of us. Our inner Smart Guy is who we should turn to when creating posts that teach our readers how to use our products. Channel him in posts designed to answer questions from your followers. Your smarty-pants self shouldn’t be afraid to post how-to videos or advice-laden podcasts to your blog, either. And make sure you call on your Smart Guy when writing copy that explains changes in online ordering systems or company policies. 

You might want to misplace Smart Guy’s number, however, if your blog starts to sound too preachy. Nobody likes a know-it-all, so make sure you trot out Smart Guy only when it feels right. Day after day of posts bossing readers around and telling them how to live their lives isn’t only super boring to read, it also makes your brand sound kind of egotistical. Instead, Smart Guy is fabulous at sharing news stories or current events that relate directly to our company and brand messaging. Remember to keep Smart Guy’s penchant for showing off on a short lease and have him teach us something instead. After all, knowledge is power — so don’t be afraid to harness your Smart Guy’s brain for dynamic and informative blog posts. 



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